Schools or Bridges?

In a recent Town Manager’s Flag Report, the following “Flag” was raised: “All departments preparing for budget reduction scenarios.” Two months prior, the first of many budget meetings was held in which tax thresholds were discussed.  There was stark recognition and explicit acknowledgement of the balance that shifts with every budget decision made.  Despite some... Continue Reading →

A closer look at the recent demography study

The recent demographic study update for the facility application contradicted the projected decline of South Kingstown school enrollment and now projects a flat to mild increase over the next several years.   At a recent Town Council meeting, the Town manager said the update shows "instead of a precipitous decline, it is much more of a... Continue Reading →

Enrollment Projection Update

Perhaps no topic has caused so much debate over the past few years in SK than enrollment projections. Regular citizens, including yours truly have dived in and become armchair demographers. Battle lines have been drawn, and every release by either NESDEC or McKibben has been dissected to death. The importance of these projections is clear.... Continue Reading →

New Housing or Open Space or both.

The school facility plan crossed a major threshold with the Town Council voting 4-1 to advance the Stage 2 application to Providence for approval on the full $75 million project.  There was mild pushback against the plan, suggesting the final price tag may be reduced based on scope changes or demographic shifts.  The general tone,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to SK Spotlight

Welcome to SK Spotlight!! We are your one-stop shop for information and opinion related to South Kingstown Rhode Island. We believe in open dialog and while we have our opinions (doesn't everybody?), we respect yours. If you have something you would like to contribute, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to... Continue Reading →

What a Difference a Year Makes

One year ago, Steve Alfred retired after serving South Kingstown as Town Manager for over 40 years.  During Steve Alfred’s tenure, our town grew from 16,000 to 30,000 residents, with Steve overseeing 10 additions to the town’s public schools, the building of the senior center, the purchase of land for open-space preservation and recreation, the... Continue Reading →

SK Spotlight UCOA Analysis

Here at SK Spotlight, we read through budget documents so you don't have to!! In today's blog, we present our analysis of the UCOA/District Comparison document posted under the Feb 4th meeting agenda at Board Docs and available on SK Spotlight's Google Drive. This report has a lot of great information pertinent to the budget... Continue Reading →

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