Open Letter to the School Committee

Dear Members of the South Kingstown School Committee, I write this was a heavy heart.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any headway made since the current School Committee was elected 7 months ago.  In fact, I feel like we have gone backwards.  I try to keep an open mind and see situations from all angles.  Many parents, like myself, pay attention, attend the SC meetings... Continue Reading →

Dr. Hicks is the obvious choice.

The decision to offer Dr. Robert Hicks an interim Superintendent position is an interesting one. He is a respected administrator and in my view did a phenomenal job in the recruiting and interviewing of his successor a decade ago.  Beginning early in his final school year, community stakeholders from all parts of town were brought... Continue Reading →

Community Comment

by Kevin Jackson As a resident of South Kingstown, I have watched the recent debates regarding the school committee unfold. We can, and more importantly we must, do better and work together to solve our SK public school problems. It is clear that we have a problem. I believe that all points of view can... Continue Reading →

The Time for Change is Now – Share Your Voice

No one likes change. The new and unknown can be frightening and consistency is comforting, however the only thing that is certain is change. Trends in our town mirror changes at a national level. Birth rates are declining and the town's population is ageing. Fewer students fill our buildings, costing more than just money. Inequitable... Continue Reading →

In Search of Unity

In her comments to open the May 8th school committee meeting, Emily Cummiskey decried the division that has developed in town and called for unity. While we whole-heartedly support this call, unfortunately, Ms. Cummiskey misdiagnosed the cause of the division. She and several community members from the Friends of Wakefield/Friends of SK/WhyWakefield who spoke seem... Continue Reading →

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