Open Letter to SK voters

When school opens in a couple of weeks, the people in this town must ask themselves if what has been done best serves the students? My answer is no. The money being spent to keep Wakefield open could have been reallocated to support the existing schools in a much better manner. Yet here we are. If you don’t like where we are, then we have a responsibility as a town to replace the current sitting board members that don’t meet the needs of the students.

We can talk all we want here on SK Spotlight or other pages but our resolve to fix this matter will come at the voting both. It’s going to take some people crossing lines to change the direction of the school committee. To date that has not been something the town has been willing to fully get behind. In order to fix this, it will require both sides to work together alongside the teachers. There will be some hard decisions made that not everyone is going to like, but we cannot continue on this path. It’s time to trim the fat, but also time to look to the future.

The students need modern classrooms along with modern equipment to keep up with the ever evolving technology at our fingertips. For this we must enable our teachers with more equipment that doesn’t always breakdown or cases where there isn’t enough to go around. The hardest challenge for the school committee is to figure out how to replace the revenue we once received from the state. The loss of this revenue has resulted in our current deficit that only continues to grow. With a shrinking student body, any solution becomes much more difficult.

Yes the problems are many, but we have a group of intelligent and passionate people here on SK Spotlight that are willing to rise to the challenge.

-Jason Boettger

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