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The Town Council (TC) will be asked by the School Committee (SC) to place the $85,000,000.00 facilities bond on this November’s ballot. Their reason is more people come out to vote during a regular election. I can believe this is true.

However they are asking everyone to vote on a plan (not yet created or financially vetted) that won’t be approved by RIDE before the November 3rd election. If the bond is approved, the money can be spent in any way the governing bodies see fit.

Deb Kelso said we can write up something on the ballot to explain the situation. Well, I can only speak for me but I have read some questions on ballots before and some are worded in a manner that could easily make someone think the opposite of what the question is asking.

No matter what your stance is on this project, for or against, you need to write an email or a letter to the TC expressing your wishes. It sounds to me like this will be discussed very soon. For your ease, the email addresses of each of the TC members along with the Town Hall address are listed below are below.

Greg Sweet



Town of South Kingstown
180 High Street
Wakefield, RI 02879

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