A set of facts – School Facility Plan

Fact. This is the biggest bond in South Kingstown’s history. While our town may be able to afford the bond, it cannot afford a plan that fails to address critical needs or solve known problems identified in other schools or town projects. 

Fact. The latest Stage 2 plan (we are on our “third set of design plans” per our OPM at the School Building Committee meeting ) is not yet developed. We are “literally starting from scratch.” – March 4 2020 School Building Committee Meeting

Fact. A total of $600,000 will be paid to RGB (488k) and our OPM to complete the Stage 2 application. That amount is more than twice what was paid to create the original failed application in 2019. – March 4 2020 School Building Committee Meeting

Fact. The bond resolution will be written months before the Stage 2 application is submitted, denying the community the information needed to make one the most important decisions in our town’s history.

Fact. We are not building a new high school. We are building an addition on to CCMS. Per the Town Manager’s budget message, most of the existing CCMS structure will remain largely unrenovated 

Fact. There are unknown factors (ledge, wetlands) that will potentially drive costs up and continue to diminish what else is done at CCMS AND any other school.

Fact. After initial pit testing of the CCMS site, the Town Engineer raised concerns about the ledge/water. – (Town Council Meeting, Town manager’s report March 9 2020)

Fact. The current plan has drastically reduced planned projects at all other schools, most notably the elementary schools. This was primarily caused by an 18 month delay in submitting the application, adding $9 million in inflation related costs. – 2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Fact. We will lose a soccer field, disc golf, and woodland walking trails as town recreational spaces. Currently, the plan includes no mention of how these would be replaced and at what cost. 

Fact. The School Committee may spend $35K on a public relations firm to promote a bond for a project that could look nothing like what is being discussed today.  

Fact. There are no developers waiting to buy the Columbia Street property and there will be be operational costs to leave Columbia Street empty. Affordable housing is not a feasible solution and there is no current plan to deal with that property.  

Fact. The bond would limit what SK could borrow for any future projects by the schools or town side for years. The current plan leaves out millions in needed school renovations and will require additional supplemental expenditures over time.

This is NOT an attack on teachers. No one hates children. That tactic is meant to divide us and shame those who ask questions. We want to do what is best for the children with the most value for our money. By working to create a well-informed community capable of robust, respectful discussion, we give everyone the information needed to make the best decision for both our children and the people who will pay for it for the next 20 years.

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