Unaffiliated (Independent) voters of South Kingstown can still make the difference in today’s Democratic primary!

Primaries are held when there are more candidates for an office than there are open seats. Rhode Island has a ‘semi-closed’ party primary system. This means you may only vote in your party’s primary, but if you are registered as “Unaffiliated” (Independent) you may vote in the primary of any party you choose. When you arrive at your designated polling station you will be asked which primary you want to vote in. Once you vote in a primary you are considered a member of that party until you “disaffiliate.” You may do this by signing a “Change of Party Designation” form at the polling place after you vote, or by submitting a new voter registration form at any time, including at vote.sos.ri.gov.

Please Note: The disaffiliation takes effect in 90 days, but “Party affiliation” is only taken into consideration in primaries. It has nothing to do with your eligibility to vote in the upcoming RI General Election. Every registered voter can vote for whoever they want on November 3rd.

You will see names of both endorsed and unendorsed candidates on the ballot today. Endorsed candidates have asterisks* to the right of their names, and are always listed above the Unendorsed candidates. RI’s Endorsed Democrats receive all the perks given members of an organization that has been the majority party since 1941.

We are fortunate this year to have four outstanding unendorsed Democratic candidates in South Kingstown. Deborah Bergner, is battling five endorsed candidates for one of five positions open to Democrats on November’s ballot for a seat on the town council. The three other unendorsed candidates, all running for the school committee, include current member Michelle Brousseau, and newcomers Cadence Hansen and Melissa Boyd. They face three endorsed Democrats in the primary but, with only four seats open, only the top-4 will see their names on the ballot in November.

People who run as Unendorsed Democrats are not beholden to a “machine” behind them. A willingness to fend for themselves affords unendorsed candidates the freedom to think independently and act accordingly. Their votes are community centered – for the common good – not for the favored few.

The goal of every primary candidate is to be on the RI General Election ballot on November 3rd. South Kingstown’s 9,925 (as of July 2020) unaffiliated or Independent voters can make an unendorsed candidate’s day, or break their heart. The power to take control of our Town and School District back for the first time in 20 years is in our hands. If you can, please try and find the time today to support BERGNER + BROUSSEAU + HANSEN + BOYD at the polls.

Voting Districts have been combined for this election. The Community Recreation Center, 30 St. Dominic Road, Wakefield will be the polling location for District 1 (multi-purpose room), Districts 2 and 3 (gymnasium #1), and Districts 4 and 5 (gymnasium #2). Districts 6, 7 and 8 will vote at the West Kingston Elementary School, 3119 Ministerial Road. Districts 9 (cafeteria) and 10 (all-purpose room) will vote at the Matunuck Elementary School, 380 Matunuck Beach Road.

Emergency Voting for people who don’t want to vote indoors is still available outside the Town Hall, 180 High Street, Wakefield, today until 4:00 P.M. Voted Mail Ballots may also be placed in the white drop box at the entrance to Town Hall or at any polling station until 8 P.M. tonight. The polls will be open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. and a photo ID is required. A mask or other face covering will be required to enter the polling places, and social distancing measures will be in place.

Dorald W. Beasley – Kingston – Independent candidate for Town Council

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