Community Comment on the Referendums

To The Readers: The current budget referendum has been causing quite a stir in town.  The town is divided into two camps, those opposed to the decrease and those in approval of the decrease.  The money in question, 1.1 million transportation savings, from early school closings. The first budget meeting was presented with a preliminary... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,I read with great interest David Palazzetti’s letter to the editor last week (March 11th). I’ve been following this story over the past few weeks, and I hadn’t known, until now, the full financial aspects of the project, which are quite disconcerting. The loss and replacement of the trails and disc golf holes... Continue Reading →

More than a Cup of Coffee

By Alex Petrucci Why do we punish the exact people we say we are trying to attract? Every 3 years, by law, each town in Rhode Island re-assesses the value of all property. The overall result is a recalibration of property taxes based on how values have changed. All things being equal, half of land... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to the School Committee

Dear Members of the South Kingstown School Committee, I write this was a heavy heart.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any headway made since the current School Committee was elected 7 months ago.  In fact, I feel like we have gone backwards.  I try to keep an open mind and see situations from all angles.  Many parents, like myself, pay attention, attend the SC meetings... Continue Reading →

Community Comment

by Kevin Jackson As a resident of South Kingstown, I have watched the recent debates regarding the school committee unfold. We can, and more importantly we must, do better and work together to solve our SK public school problems. It is clear that we have a problem. I believe that all points of view can... Continue Reading →

Contingency Committee

From June - October 2018, the school contingency committee met with the goal of creating enrollment triggers for when the district should alter the current long term facility plan. While most in community were narrowly concerned with a "high side trigger," when we would reconsider keeping a 4th elementary school, many of us in the... Continue Reading →

An SK Budget Viewpoint

by Gary Chapman The South Kingstown 2019-2020 preliminary Town Budget has been adopted by the Town Council.  They will make final budget decisions on April 29. There are wants and needs all around us shouting for more tax dollars.  What is the answer? Let’s begin with the school budget.  Since the schools get 73 cents... Continue Reading →

A Concerning Pattern?

Why do we hire experts for their opinions and experience when we completely disregard them as it suits our own personal agendas? After watching the last several school committee meetings to say I have concerns feels like an understatement. The current majority on the school committee is not listening to the administrative staff that is... Continue Reading →

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