The Enrollment Storm (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 of this series discussed the current budget year with respect to expected enrollment declines. This article, by contrast, focuses on the future (5-10 years) when our recent elementary enrollment declines start to affect our High School programs. To recap, district administration is framing enrollment declines using grade level averages instead of providing a... Continue Reading →

The Enrollment Storm (Part 1 of 2)

During last night’s joint budget meeting, Superintendent Savastano and others made the claim that the projected drop of 59 students next year will not result in teacher reductions because that is only 4 students per grade level. This is a misleading oversimplification that obscures the challenges caused by enrollment declines. We should be setting a... Continue Reading →

Per-Pupil Spending In South Kingstown

Per pupil spending is one of the most commonly used but misunderstood metrics regarding school financing. As Town Manager Zarnetske stated during his CIP presentation, it’s not really a measure of how much we spend to educate one child and I understand how it can be somewhat insulting to think of placing a monetary value... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter (A year ago …)

As a new school year begins, it is an excellent time to take stock of where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. The past year has featured so much disruption, chaos, transition, and change that it is difficult to remember where we were just one year ago. In no instance... Continue Reading →

Taxes and Trust

Recent discussion about taxes have made me think back to when I learned what taxes are. When I was a kid, my dad explained that taxes are how we express our patriotism. We don’t see it as something taken from us, but rather our buy-in to being part of society. Our taxes pay for services... Continue Reading →

PAT and the Cut List Charade

Now that nearly every person in town has had a chance to plead for the music program and Mr. Muir’s job, I figured I would add my $.02.  I’m not going to plead for anything, but instead express my dismay that the school committee has decided to again weaponize the cut-list charade and play on... Continue Reading →

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