Open Letter to SK voters

When school opens in a couple of weeks, the people in this town must ask themselves if what has been done best serves the students? My answer is no. The money being spent to keep Wakefield open could have been reallocated to support the existing schools in a much better manner. Yet here we are.... Continue Reading →

The Ruggerio Report: An Inside Job

The Ruggiero report!!! It’s long awaited release was issued this week. There were claims that it was fed to a Norwich newspaper before posted for the people who paid for it to see, a bizarre move but it would take too long to understand the rationale for that. I’ve reviewed the report, and this was... Continue Reading →

In Search of Unity

In her comments to open the May 8th school committee meeting, Emily Cummiskey decried the division that has developed in town and called for unity. While we whole-heartedly support this call, unfortunately, Ms. Cummiskey misdiagnosed the cause of the division. She and several community members from the Friends of Wakefield/Friends of SK/WhyWakefield who spoke seem... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary Building Committee!

Over a month ago, the Building Committee held a meeting that was notable for several reasons. First, the committee (with community members in attendance) held a Skype meeting with Dr. McKibben, RGB's chosen demographer. Second, the committee was made aware of RIDE's decision to push our application to the November deadline. Finally, it is notable... Continue Reading →

Children Should Come First

The March 12 School Committee meeting agenda included discussion of the Personnel Assignment Team (PAT). Many residents may not be familiar with this policy and how it impacts student learning. The PAT sets the procedures by which teachers are chosen to fill open positions. The policy, created and approved in 2011, established a collaborative process... Continue Reading →

Welcome to SK Spotlight

Welcome to SK Spotlight!! We are your one-stop shop for information and opinion related to South Kingstown Rhode Island. We believe in open dialog and while we have our opinions (doesn't everybody?), we respect yours. If you have something you would like to contribute, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to... Continue Reading →

SK Spotlight UCOA Analysis

Here at SK Spotlight, we read through budget documents so you don't have to!! In today's blog, we present our analysis of the UCOA/District Comparison document posted under the Feb 4th meeting agenda at Board Docs and available on SK Spotlight's Google Drive. This report has a lot of great information pertinent to the budget... Continue Reading →

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