More than a Cup of Coffee

By Alex Petrucci Why do we punish the exact people we say we are trying to attract? Every 3 years, by law, each town in Rhode Island re-assesses the value of all property. The overall result is a recalibration of property taxes based on how values have changed. All things being equal, half of land... Continue Reading →

On Coventry and “Found” Funds

Should money matter in schools? The current School Committee argued that it should not.  At different points during the campaigns, they hammered on this exact point.  One stated “The budget is just a minor constraint” during a voter forum. Another noted “The education of our kids is more than a budget line item.”  Once seated,... Continue Reading →

Taxes and Trust

Recent discussion about taxes have made me think back to when I learned what taxes are. When I was a kid, my dad explained that taxes are how we express our patriotism. We don’t see it as something taken from us, but rather our buy-in to being part of society. Our taxes pay for services... Continue Reading →

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