Include the Community

I listened to the School Building Committee meeting on September 4th. My notes begin after the committee started talking among themselves. My notes may abbreviated, but accurate, and I encourage you to listen for yourself. 1:09 Linda Savastano asked is the $97 million was the all in number. Answer is $97 million is if we... Continue Reading →

Dear Neighbor

The Referendum on July 14th has been long in the making. For as long as I remember, the people in South Kingstown have always supported our schools. Even the reductions we will consider still represent spending increases, just not as high as have been asked. Through several meetings, both virtual and in real life, many... Continue Reading →

Simple and Straightforward

There was a petition handed into the town hall on Tuesday asking that the town residents be allowed to vote on this year’s budget. This is our charter outlined process and an all-day, in-person referendum on June 9th is the only way citizens can change the adopted budget. I, for one, fully supported the petition.... Continue Reading →

Voice Your Opinion

The Town Council (TC) will be asked by the School Committee (SC) to place the $85,000,000.00 facilities bond on this November’s ballot. Their reason is more people come out to vote during a regular election. I can believe this is true. However they are asking everyone to vote on a plan (not yet created or... Continue Reading →

What is the Rush?

I attended last night’s work session between the school committee and the town council. On the agenda was the SC’s requested FY 2020-2021 budget, school facilities program and possible town/school operational coordination/collaboration. Being concerned about the potential municipal facilities expenses I expressed my concerns to Town Manager Rob Zarnetske. He said he also has concerns.... Continue Reading →

Fair for all

I find it extremely frustrating to read some posts and comments on Facebook. There are posts trying to explain what the financial impact to SK residents will be if we build a new school. We all should find out as much as we can before we make such a costly decision which will affect all... Continue Reading →

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