Fair for all

I find it extremely frustrating to read some posts and comments on Facebook. There are posts trying to explain what the financial impact to SK residents will be if we build a new school. We all should find out as much as we can before we make such a costly decision which will affect all... Continue Reading →

Per-Pupil Spending In South Kingstown

Per pupil spending is one of the most commonly used but misunderstood metrics regarding school financing. As Town Manager Zarnetske stated during his CIP presentation, it’s not really a measure of how much we spend to educate one child and I understand how it can be somewhat insulting to think of placing a monetary value... Continue Reading →

Open Letter: A Hurricane of Spending

Last week I had the pleasure of attending both the joint Town Council/School Committee CIP and the building committee meetings. As expected, the chief topic was the proposed 90 million school bond to move the high school to the current CCMS and adding an addition to BRMS to consolidate 6th-8th grades. As the assistant wrestling... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the next budget.

As I wrote this piece in August of last year, the district had already seen 40+ employees announce their decisions to leave South Kingstown schools. These were mostly voluntary resignations or retirements, with a few extended leaves of absence.  Several more announced their departures by October, but the 40+ is sufficient to make an important... Continue Reading →

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