Unsustainable Spending Increases

On February 11, the South Kingstown School Committee adopted a budget for the next fiscal year and forwarded it to the Town Council for approval of a requested 2% increase in tax transfer.  On February 20, they met with the Council to sell their request.  The key rationale was that the increase in spending, despite... Continue Reading →

What is the Rush?

I attended last night’s work session between the school committee and the town council. On the agenda was the SC’s requested FY 2020-2021 budget, school facilities program and possible town/school operational coordination/collaboration. Being concerned about the potential municipal facilities expenses I expressed my concerns to Town Manager Rob Zarnetske. He said he also has concerns.... Continue Reading →

The Long and Winding Road

By Raissa Mosher As we move forward with the Stage 2 facilities application (with the high school relocated to the Curtis Corner Road site), it’s important to review how the community arrived here.  While many are busily constructing a revisionist history of the past nine months, a look back at the documented evidence reveals a... Continue Reading →

Rich Schools, Poor Schools…

When faced with difficult circumstances, it is often easiest to do nothing.  Ignore the factors that are pressuring a decision and just hope for the best.  In deferring a difficult choice about its schools, South Kingstown is dividing along class lines in ways that will not improve if they are ignored. Facing nearly two decades... Continue Reading →

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