Nobody’s Perfect

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to reflect on the past years’ events and debates. As we embark on a new world in which we hopefully recognize more that unites us than divides, it’s important that we consider where we have been and take responsibility for the future. Placing blame solely on... Continue Reading →

Why I will Vote for the Reduction.

I have been close to these budgets.  Very close.  A “lack of funding” cannot be the culprit for every decision from local officials that change services or reconsider programming.  When a 1% or 2% fiscal nudge in anything is blamed, I seriously question the competence and/or the integrity of those using the argument.  Imagine raising... Continue Reading →

Community Comment on the Referendums

To The Readers: The current budget referendum has been causing quite a stir in town.  The town is divided into two camps, those opposed to the decrease and those in approval of the decrease.  The money in question, 1.1 million transportation savings, from early school closings. The first budget meeting was presented with a preliminary... Continue Reading →

Why I Approve the Reduction

The July 14 referendum vote has generated a lot of heated debate over the past few weeks. I have been asked many times about the real effects to the district, and I've honestly struggled to separate the facts from the rhetoric. It is hard for some to understand how one can be a supporter of... Continue Reading →

Dear Neighbor

The Referendum on July 14th has been long in the making. For as long as I remember, the people in South Kingstown have always supported our schools. Even the reductions we will consider still represent spending increases, just not as high as have been asked. Through several meetings, both virtual and in real life, many... Continue Reading →

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