Is this turnover “normal”?

In the 10 years I have been involved with our school district, including 2 years on the Committee and 4 on a subcommittee, I tried to bring my own perspective and expertise to the table.  I employ 60+ people in my business, and have hired hundreds over the years.  Our employees are critical to the... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to SK voters

When school opens in a couple of weeks, the people in this town must ask themselves if what has been done best serves the students? My answer is no. The money being spent to keep Wakefield open could have been reallocated to support the existing schools in a much better manner. Yet here we are.... Continue Reading →

The Ruggerio Report: An Inside Job

The Ruggiero report!!! It’s long awaited release was issued this week. There were claims that it was fed to a Norwich newspaper before posted for the people who paid for it to see, a bizarre move but it would take too long to understand the rationale for that. I’ve reviewed the report, and this was... Continue Reading →

August 13, 2019 SC Meeting Notes

Concerns about forward thinking still are being heard. Last night's meeting had a loaded agenda, with very little dialogue on some pretty visible and critical topics.  Lasting just over an hour, some pretty hot button topics were pushed through.  These are some of my notes and thoughts organized around the different agenda sections.  Executive session... Continue Reading →

Success doesn’t abide retreat

To all, One would be hard pressed to come across a male candidate less impressive on paper than the one you will be interviewing on Friday. Taking seven years to complete an undergraduate degree isn't as problematic as not knowing what he did from 1996-1999 and 2001-2005. Mr. Prince seems like a job hopper. This... Continue Reading →

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