Building Committee notes July 31, 2019

Here are my notes from today's Building Committee meeting. Again for %100 clarity these are my personal notes. Official minutes to the meeting will be available thru the Secretary of State. PDES parking lot-The letter to RIDE has been submitted to extend deadline to Dec 2019. Meeting with DEM Friday to move forward on submission... Continue Reading →

Building Committee notes July 24, 2019

Here are notes from today’s Building Committee meeting. For 100% clarity I was a community member attending the meeting and these notes are to the best of my ability. Official meeting minutes will be available through the Secretary of State. Community information and how information is being communicated was discussed. Concern was expressed that information... Continue Reading →

Building Committee notes May 22, 2019

Building Committee update from today’s meeting. A concern regarding correspondences and need to identify whether correspondence is from a Building Committee member or a community member. Any correspondence from a community member will be identified as such for transparency. For sake of transparency regarding these updates, I am a community member present at these meetings,... Continue Reading →

Building Committee notes May 15th, 2019

Building Committee meeting update for today. The School Committee approved to have the Building Committee explore the option of a new high school on the grounds of CCMS/South Rd. RGB is planning to do some sight exploration to test the area around CCMS and South Rd. The Building Committee was presented with 11 question from... Continue Reading →

Building Committee notes May 8th, 2019

Here is a Building Committee meeting upate from today. I will start with the security upgrades. RGB present a video regarding laminate glass and film that will be used in the security upgrades which was impressive and will slow down entrance into buildings. Existing glass will get the film such as BRMS and some ground... Continue Reading →

Building Committee notes from May 1, 2019

A simple Building Committee meeting overview from today May1. RGB response to the RIDE application has been accepted and should be made public soon. This response is just for SK and various committees involved. It is not the response to RIDE. RGB is currently addressing issue with contractors etc. and addendums to the RIDE application... Continue Reading →

What will happen to the Mezz Café?

Anybody who has been involved at SKHS the past few years knows the Mezz Café! It was one of the funniest parts of the 2019 SKpades and more important it was one of the first small but impactful improvements that happened when Rob Mezzanotte became Principal. I consider myself lucky to have worked with Rob... Continue Reading →

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