Why Republican?

In a recent appearance, the President asked rhetorically "What do Republicans stand FOR?". The tone suggested that he and all his insiders knew the answer, they stand for nothing except opposition to him. Like many politicians, it just shows that he wasn't ever really listening. In South Kingstown, I've been asked a similar question. "Why... Continue Reading →

South Kingstown’s Own Masking Debate

How did masks become political? Those pushing to end masking of kids are a cross section of town, with many cross-partisan ideas bubbling amongst them. Opposition to easing the mandate, on the other hand, seem more uniform in worldview. If you ask a Democrat, they’ll blame Trump for all the COVID woes.  If you ask... Continue Reading →

Smaller Bites at the Facility Problem

And of course, then there is the emerging school facilities plan… Over the last few weeks, the South Kingstown School Committee has made some pretty big decisions.  Regardless of where you fall on this, everyone is acknowledging the changing demographics of South Kingstown.  What was emerging in 2010 became clear in 2018.  A few years... Continue Reading →

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